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Taking Back Sunday

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VIP Clarification

Posted on July 17, 2017

Hello and thank you for a great first week of tour! We’ve been informed there is some confusion on the VIP Packages so we wanted to clear it up. Here is the link to purchase VIP from us: http://ticketspin.com/tbs-2017
This is the listing in the two places before you purchase the VIP tickets explaining what the items are that come with it:

After the purchase, Ticketspin accidentally sent out a confirmation email referencing a meet and greet to a small number of people. This was never part of the package, it was never listed anywhere prior to purchase. They apologized for doing this and said they informed the purchasers who got that email of the error. If you still have an issue you want to speak to Ticketspin about please reach out via: help@ticketspin.com
Again sorry for the confusion! We were very happy with what we put together (Adam definitely stole about 15 of those bookmarks!) and really enjoy the intimate sets so we hope you are enjoying it as well!